Gourmet product

Our products offer a special sensitivity GOURMET aromas and flavors to the palate. Fruit of knowledge of the process of selection of them, MESSENGER POWER offers the opportunity to acquire this selection of products with the following characteristics:

  •      uniqueness
  •      Product 100% Spanish
  •      Made by hand
  •      Limited and exclusive production
  •      Superior quality raw material
  •      Findings sensory (flavor, consistency, texture, and extraordinary flavor)
  •      Presented in glass jars

To purchase any of the products in our Gourmet section, send an application available on the bottom and short form answer your request. We ship all over Europe within 48-72 hours.


Artichoke Hearts
Whole peaches in syrup
Peaches halves in syrup
Whole peeled tomatoes
fried Tomato


Garnish plates


In a closed, dry place at room temperature.

Consumo Preferente

48 months from the production date. Once opened Store in plastic or glass container refrigerated between 1 and 5 degrees for a maximum of 5 days.

Tomate frito casero