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Corporate Social Responsibility

The company is committed to the principle of ethical trade and the fundamental rights of workers as outlined by the International Labor Organization, therefore all employees are treated in accordance with the provisions of the fundamental Labor Conventions of the ILO (International Labor Organization) in state legislation and particularly in accordance with the provisions of the Collective Agreement for Vegetable Canning, according to the following principles:
There is no discrimination based on race, nationality, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, maternity, age, political opinion, or any other personal or social circumstance. Equal opportunities and diversity are promoted.
The hiring procedures for workers are fair, transparent, and non-discriminatory. The company will promote employment stability.
Wages are fair and dignified.
Minors are not hired, and it is ensured that they do not perform any type of work.
Employees have freedom of association and the right to union representation.
If disciplinary measures are practiced, they are fair and transparent, aiming to maintain labor discipline (a fundamental aspect for normal coexistence), technical organization, and company organization, as well as to guarantee and defend the legitimate rights and interests of workers and the company.
It is ensured that employees have access to training and all necessary measures for the protection and prevention of their occupational health.
Actions are taken in accordance with the provisions of legislation and, where applicable, the collective agreement for issues such as: hiring, job promotion, maternity, breastfeeding, work-life balance, leaves, working hours, leaves of absence, temporary disability, retirement, representation, and union membership.